Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Remaking a Room with Mirrors

There is something about adding a mirror to room that can make it a good space turn great. It can open up a doorway or make a small space seem larger. A dark corner suddenly resonates with the rest of the room.

Uttermost Trevis Mirror

Once used as more of a focal point in bedrooms and bathrooms, mirror styles are more interesting than ever, with some practically covering up the actual mirror in order to use if for a reflective surface. Chunky ornate frames made from cast resin become artwork themselves. Unusual materials, such as bone or shell add soft colors. Smaller pieces of mirror are applied to the outside of a frame or in unexpected patterns to bounce light around.

Uttermost Raindrops Mirror

Round and square mirrors give smaller areas a break by adding shape and size. “Mirrors give a room an illusion of infinity,” Geoffrey Bradfield, a New York based designer has stated. It’s not even necessary to hang a mirror anymore – it can be leaned on a mantle or on the floor to add extra dimension.

Uttermost Tarkika Mirror

Pieces of mirror are working their way into tiled surfaces, furniture, lighting, and shelving to add a new play of light into a space. The reflective surface also adds a bit of old Hollywood glamour and dresses up an area.

In Feng Shui, it is believed that a mirror reflects something of good value, whether it is a treasured object, a scenic view, or a favorite photograph. The positive effects are thought to be doubled by the reflection.

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