Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Floral Fabric: Home Decorating Battle of the Sexes

Floral Fabric That Men And Women Can Agree On

Vintage Floral Fabric - The Argument

It’s an age old home decorating argument that will never have a simple solution: she wants a vintage floral fabric, he can’t stand them. How do we get past this? Some men are fine to let the flowers be in the bedroom if the lights are off and their eyes are closed. Others only allow it in a little girl’s room. However like it or not, floral fabrics have their place in decorating history and is sometimes a seamless tie with all the other decorative fabrics in a room.

Floral Fabric - The Solution

First of all, floral prints can be a bit misunderstood. They don’t have to be so ultra-feminine. Many combine botanical motifs with viney or leafy movement that speaks more of a forest than a flower garden. Ferns have a high end organic look. Paisley is based off of Indian floral, and there are not too many men that object to this masculine motif. The point of a floral is to take the hard edges off geometric’s and stripes, and to inject a combination of colors that pull the room together.

Floral fabric are often the balance print between scales. A mid-sized floral combined with a large scale damask, a stripe, and a solid all create unity and strength between all the patterns and color. A floral may utilize six different colors, which allows flexibility in all the other fabrics’ shades.

Floral Prints

By toning down the amount of petals in a floral print, as well as the feminine colors, I think you can find a compromise that will fit. Look for floral prints that have more of a leafy feel, and perhaps include animals, birds, or insects such as butterflies. Rich earthy tones of red, brown, green, and gold are easy to work with and appeal to a broad audience. Blue is another color that can be used with yellows, raspberry reds, and green. Paisleys will add a rich, exotic flair that fits into the living area easily.

The floral motifs can also be played down when combined with other elements in a print or tapestry. I mentioned animals above, but also remember that some include stripes or checks running through the background. The size of the floral depends on what it is on – window treatments or lounge chairs can handle a larger scale. Draperies are a perfect way to use a floral yet hid some of it as the pattern gets lost in the folds.

Floral Fabric - Area Rugs

Lastly, don’t forget about rugs. An area rug ultimately will gel the room and dictate the colors. Perhaps it contains the floral print, and once furniture is placed, you get the benefit of the color without it being too extreme.

Regardless if you are modern or traditional in your home decorating tastes, the important factor is to keep an open mind. The best rooms build off combinations of colors, with the pattern being the backdrop.

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