Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Out of this World Interior Lighting Design

Unique Interior Lighting Design

As just another example that creative energy knows no boundaries are the incredible and unique light fixtures . Fiber optics combined with hand crafted, sculptural light fixtures. Crafted in London, this can be found all over the world

Softly draped pieces of glass created ethereal, delicate fixtures. The soft lighting created is almost secondary to the unique sculptures. These fixtures evoke images of fantasy or dream-like states, with influences of underwater or ghost-like movement.

Lona Ceiling Mount Light Fixture

The Lona ceiling mount fixture features petals of white bone china with a halogen capsule. The petals cascade in long flowing strings to resemble a rosebud formation. The ceiling reflection must have a magnificent effect of soft waves and angelic lighting.

The Marni Wall Panel

By contrast, the Marni Wall Panel appears with a fiery woven copper flora shape. Fiber optics are encased with a rich brushed copper surround that would create an ambience of fire. Other finishes are available upon request. This elegant panel would be at home as a wall divider or fireplace substitute. The beauty of these products is that the uses seem limitless.

The Lily Table

Straying from traditional lighting is the Lily Table. Individual ceramic forms are inset into a black frame creating shadow and spaces amidst the blooming optic filament. Covered by a glass top and brushed steel surround, this unusual piece could almost stand on its own.

Create a Truely Unique Interior with Designs

The unique fixtures have been featured in museums, hotels, theatres, and restaurants as well as personal residences. Each piece is custom created individually for its purpose, making each an individual work of art.

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