Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009 High Point Furniture Market Preview

High Point Furniture Market Spring 2009

The High Point Furniture Market is 100 years “new” this year, and quickly approaching the end of April. The furniture industry will roll out its latest and greatest for buyers to see, a veritable Fashion Week for interior designers and furniture store owners.

High Point Furniture Market - April 2009 - highpoint - High Point, NC

High Point Furniture Market 2009: Eco-Friendly Products Continue Strong

This year’s High Point Furniture Market will undoubtedly show more eco-friendly products. Sustainable materials and energy efficient lighting will be strong contenders from nearly every line as the industry continues to follow current interior trends. An intriguing lamp by Yanko Design features a crank handle in which a few turns creates 40-60 minutes of bright light using a process of magnetic induction.

Krank LED - crank handle lamp by Yanko Designs - featured - High Point Furniture Market 2009

Krank LED Crank Handle Lamp by Yanko Designs - featured - Highpoint Furniture Market 2009

High Point Furniture Market 2009 - Fashion Meets Interiors

Fashion and interiors have become much more hand and hand in recent years, reflecting similar trends. Beading, feathers, ruffles, and other embellishments are showing up on lighting, accent tables, and accessories in addition to the fabric lines. Yellow will be a strong color of choice this year, as well as earthy purples, and glass-like tones of gray, blue, and sea green.

High Point Furniture Market 2009 - Metallic Finish Accessories

Decorative accents are being billed as the must-have investment pieces of 2009. Shiny, embellished, metallic finishes such as the leather shown on Hancock and Moore’s Margo Ottoman add flash and flair to an otherwise staid room. Hand embroidered textiles and hand-worked trim add artsy value with a bohemian touch. The idea is to update your interior decorating with small items rather than a complete redo.

Decorative Accents - Highpoint Furniture Market 2009

High Point Furniture Market 2009 - Organic Designs

The minimal transitional approach that has been so popular in recent years is starting to give way to richer, more organic forms. We are seeing more texture and depth in wood finishes – hand planing and distressed surfaces contrast greatly from the perfect edges we’d come so used to . This is a welcome change from having to treat finishes with kid gloves.

Elements of modern and traditional are becoming more blended to create an interesting, meaningful statement. The hard straight lines of modern upholstery are finally embracing the more comfortable essentials of traditional styles, with softer cushioning and curved edges. Upholstery also becomes more personal as Hickory Chair adds an entire “create your own seating” program that allows for custom arm, skirt, back, base, depth, length, cushion, pillows, and more.

Modern and Traditional Furniture - High Point Furniture Show - April 2009

This is just a taste of things to come, as the 2009 High Point Furniture Market will offer many more innovative products and design.

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